Three years since Will Alsop died. He was 70 years young; December 1947, Northampton, May 2018, London.


Will Alsop was an Englishman, optimist, jovial, relaxed, generous, maverick, often into mischiefs, and comfortable in his own skin.

I admired his approach to architecture, society by and large, and people, particularly characterised by the wide range of individuals. 

His optimism complemented his provocative attitude in an architecturally conservative city, London. 

He enjoyed playfulness and colorfulness through his architecture – commercial and residential buildings, subway stations and urban master plans – as in his very large, or, smaller paintings.

His firm, aLL Design, for a long time based in Battersea – near the Thames, Battersea park,  and most beautiful Albert Bridge – was a studio that acted as an anchor for a whole community, reflecting on Will’s nature.

There is no other like Will Alsop. An amazing man and a gifted architect, who believed that: “The only thing we have is our individuality. That’s what we have to give to the world!” Interested “to create spaces of delight and beauty for the man on the street”.  

Twelve photos and captions that capture Will Alsop, the architect.

Blizard Building , School of Medicine and Dentistry for Queen Mary, University of London, Whitechapel campus, interior, London, Photo, ©Roderick Coyne, 2005 Despite this generosity of spirit, Alsop is also a man with strong convictions and is prepared to fight arduous battles for the acceptance of his architecture. He embodies a strong sense of justice and is not afraid to confront his contemporaries if he feels they are politically conservative and in breech of their positions of power – such is his passion for a diverse and inspiring architectural culture.


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